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Athletico Virtual Resources

IRMA has partnered with Athletico, a leader in physical therapy industry, to bring on-demand stretching and total body wellness videos to the membership. These videos can be used as part of established stretching or fitness programs, in advance of physical training activities, or post-event cool downs.

Sleep Hygiene & Sleep Positions

Tips for Hydration

Understanding Food Labels

Waist to Shoulder to Overhead

Pushing & Pulling

Grip Technique & Wrist Posture

Ankle & Foot Stretching Excercises

Back Anatomy & Injury Risk Factor

Back Strengthening Excercises

Back Stretching Excercises

Elbow, Wrist, Hand Anatomy & Injury Rick Factors

Elbow, Wrist, Hand Strengthening Excercises

Elbow, Wrist, Hand Stretching Exercises

Knee Anatomy & Injury Risk Factors

Knee Stretching Exercises

Neck Anatomy & Injury Risk Factors

Neck Strengthening Excercises

Neck Stretching Exercises

Ankle & Foot Anatomy & Injury Rick Factors

Ankle & Foot Strengthening Excercises

Shoulder Stretching Exercises

Shoulder Anatomy & Injury Risk Factors

Shoulder Strengthening Exercises

Office Chairs

Office Ergonomics Introduction

Fatigue & Micro Breaks

Desktop Accessories

Awkward Postures

Work Space Ergonomics

Micro Breaks

Desktop Accessories

Chair Ergonomics

Balanced Nutrition

Information about Balanced Nutrition.

Series Fatigue

Information about Series Fatigue.

Sleep Hygiene & Healthy Sleep

Handling Floor to Waist