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Important Links
COVID-19 IRMA Claim Forms
New Claims Process Notice (November 2020)

Restore Illinois
Executive Order 2021-22 (September 2021)
Phase 5 Guidelines for Business and Venues
Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation (May 2021)

Travel Restrictions
CDC Travel Updates
Cook County Department of Public Health Travel Updates
Chicago Department of Public Health Travel Updates

Other Resources
CDC-Natural Disasters, Severe Weather & COVID-19
CDC-Holiday Celebrations and COVID-19
CDC Physical Activity, Sports & Recreation
 COVID-19 FAQ (August 2020)
IDPH Day Care Guidance
IPELRA Podcast:  COVID-19 and Workers' Compensation Claims

Recent Updates - Week of November 8, 2021

Safety First-OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard (November-2021)

OSHA ETS Landing Page

OSHA e-Learning Webinar


OSHA Worker's Rights Poster

Vaccine Exemption Template (November 2021)

Vaccination Information Links

CDC - 8 Things to Know about the U.S. COVID-19 Vaccination Program

IDPH - COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

IDPH - COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Planning Guide

CDC - What to Expect at Your Appointment to Get Vaccinated for COVID-19

CDC - Facts about the COVID19 Vaccine


Recent Updates
First Responders
COVID-19 Claims Management
Reopening Guidance
Sample Templates
Training Resources
COVID Archive

Recent Updates

COVID 19-Vaccine Exemption Template (November 2021)

OSHA Workers Rights Poster



Safety First-IRMA Reinstates Mask Mandate for Staff (August-2021)

Safety First-OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standard (November-2021)


FEMA-COVID-19 Eligible Emergency Protective Measures Fact Sheet(March-2020)

IEMA-Public Assistance Fact Sheet

IRMA-Bulletin COVID-19 Emergency Declaration FEMA Eligible Emergency Protective Measures


IRMA Director's Update - Consideration and Guidance for COVID Vaccines

IRMA-Sample COVID Vaccine Administration Liability Waiver

First Responders

CDC What Law Enforcement Personnel Need to Know About Coronavirus Disease (March-2020)

Defiance of Governor's Order and Coverage Implications (November 2020)

Guidance for Police Departments Enforcing IDPH Rule (August 2020)

IRMA-Sample Cease and Desist Notice (March-2020)

IRMA-Sample Cease and Desist Notice (October-2020)

IRMA-Update Potential Liability Considerations for Police Departments Enforcing the Governor’s Execu

Safety National-Law Enforcement and Jail COVID-19 Risk Control Checklist

COVID-19 Claims Management

Executive Director Notice - COVID-19 Spikes at IRMA Members (November 2020)

IRMA Update-Coronavirus and Workers Compensation (March-2020)

IRMA Update New Rebuttable Presumption Law (March-2020)

Safety First-COVID-19 Testing Clarification (December-2020) Guidance on Interpreting COVID-19 Test Results

Reopening Guidance

CISA Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Respo

DOL Required Federal Poster FFCRA Poster WH1422 Non-Federal (March-2020)


IDPH Mandatory Posting COVID-19 Workplace Health Safety Guidance

IRMA Safety First - How to Safely Perform Health Screenings (May-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Risk Management Considerations for Reopening Municipal Services (August 2020)

IRMA Safety First -Risk Management Considerations for Closing Streets and Outdoor Dining (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Updated IDCEO Recommended Employee Training (July-2020)

Snowplow Safety and COVID-19 (September 2020)

Sample Templates

COVID 19-Vaccine Exemption Template (November 2021)

IRMA Sample-FEMA Letter-Public Funding Costs

Employee Statement of Incident-COVID-19 Version

IRMA-Sample Health Screening Participant Waiver

IRMA-Sample Rental Agreement COVID Waiver

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Fire

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Police

IRMA-Template Respiratory Protection Program-Public-Works

Training Resources

IRMA Safety First - Alternate Respiratory Protection for Healthcare and First Responders

IRMA Safety First - Decontamination of Quantitative Fit Testing and Equipment

IRMA Safety First - Article Decontamination of Qualitative Fit Testing and Equipment

IRMA Safety First - IRMA Online Resources (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Work from Home Safety At Home-Ergonomics (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First -Training Pandemic Planning for First Responders-Hand-Out (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Reporting COVID-19 to ILOSHA and Avoiding Violations During Pandemic (July-2020)

OSHA-Common COVID-19 Citations

COVID Archive

IRMA-COVID 19 Mandatory Vaccine Policy Template (September 2021)

IRMA-Sample COVID-19 Delta Variant Directive (August 2021)

IRMA-Template COVID-19 Policy (July 2020)

COVID-19 Vaccine Policy Template 3-2021

IRMA COVID19 Policy Update (August 2021)


Executive Order September 2021-22 No 88

Executive Director Notice - New COVID-19 Claim Process (November 2020)

Governor Imposes Vaccine Mandate on Healthcare Workers

Governor's New Executive Order (May-2021)

Gubernatorial Disaster Proclamation Coronavirus-Disaster-Proc-05-28-2021

IDPH Instructions For Testing, Including Healthcare and First Responders (July-2020)

IRMA-COVID Alert: Stay Vigilant!-from Margo Ely

IRMA Safety-First-COVID-19 Alert (October-2020)

IRMA-Respond to Vaccine Hesitation with Facts-from Margo Ely

Safety First-CDC Update to COVID-19 Quarantine & Isolation Length-Those Vaccinated (May 2021)

Phase 5-IRMA Recommendations Do Not Change (June-2021)


Safety-First-Workplace-COVID-19-Guidelines-Remain-Mostly-Unchanged-(May-2021) Guidance on Interpreting COVID-19 Test Results

IRMA Safety First-CDC Updates to COVID-19 Testing and Return From Isolation (September-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Employee Travel Guidance (July-2020)

IRMA Safety First- CDC Updates to COVID-19 Testing and Return From Isolation (August-2020)

Safety First-CDC Updates to COVID-19 Quarantine & Isolation Lengths w/ Those Vaccinated(Feb 2021)

Safety First-CDC Updates to COVID-19 Quarantine Length (December-2020)

COVID-19-Vaccine Policy Template-January 2021

IDPH Guidance on the Use of Masks by the General-Public

IRMA Safety First - Steps to Minimize Risk of Transmission at Work (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First - IRMA Safety First Guidance Regarding Face Coverings and Temperature Takin

IDPH Swimming Facility Guidelines Final (June-2020)

IDCEO Essential Business Checklist (March-2020)

CDC CoronavirusDisease2019(COVID-19)RiskAssessmentan-PublicHealthManagemen DecisionMaking (Feb-2020)

IDPH Instructions For Testing, Including Healthcare and First Responders (July-2020)

IRMA Update-Coronavirus Impacts to IRMA (March-2020)

IRMA Safety First - Update on CDC Guidance for Critical Employees Suspected or Confirmed Expos

IDPH Guidance to Local Health Departments on Disclosure of COVID Cases to Law Enforcement

CDC Guidance for Law Enforcement

Coronavirus and Workers' Compensation

COVID Bulletin

COVID-19 Concerned & Testing

COVID-19 Confirmed or Suspected

COVID-19 Potentially Exposed


Essential Business Checklist3-22

Essential Business Flowchart

Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce

IDPH-Guidance on the Use of Masks by the General Public

IDPH-Interim Guidance for Crisis Management for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers


IRMA's recommended Cease and Desist Notice

Keeping Your Workplace Safe from COVID-19

New Rebuttable Presumption Law


Potential Liability Consideration for Police Departments Enforcing the Governor's Executive Order