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Tenant User Liability Insurance Program (TULIP)


What is a TULIP?      Click Here to Obtain a quote for a Non-Sports Event

Requests to use local government properties and facilities by the public have become a common occurrence. The TULIP is available to the user of the facility, who under contract, permit or agreement, rents or uses local government property or facilities.. Coverage is available for events of the facility user – from family gatherings, to antique shows, to musicals, to meetings, to parades or festivals – a wide variety of special events. Coverage applies during set-up, event and tear-down periods when the facilities are rented and being used by the user, for short-term periods of time. The policy applies to claims arising out of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability, host liquor liability, and litigation cost to defend against such claims arising out of the use of the public entity's premises by external facility users. Premium costs are based on the nature of the event, duration of the event, the number of participants, the level of risk of the event and any special underwriting requirements.

Coverage and Limits – Non-Sports

Commercial General Liability Aggregate Limit other than Products and Completed Operations


Products and Completed Operations Aggregate Limit


Personal and Advertising Injury Limit


Each Occurrence Limit


Host Liquor Liability


Damage to Premises Rented to You Limit





Facility owners may be added as Additional Insureds and Products Liability coverage is provided for Food, Beverage and Souvenirs. Liquor Liability, Excess Limits, Non-owned Auto Liability and Abuse/Molestation coverage(s) may be available upon request.

Liquor Liability

If your event includes the sale or serving of alcohol to the general public, liquor liability coverage is required. Must apply for Liquor Liability Insurance when you charge for an event that includes or charges for alcohol.  Open the application below for general and liquor liability coverage and save to your computer.  Complete the saved applications and submit to Special Markets for a quote either via email or fax.

This document is available to view in PDF format.General Liability Application with Liquor Liability
Phone:  (800) 727-7642 Ext. 6116
Fax Number:  715-344-6126

Notable Exclusions for the Liability Coverage: Employment Related Practices, Assault & Battery, Pollution, Asbestos, Fungi, Bacteria, Nuclear Energy, Terrorism, Fireworks, Amusement Devices, Abuse/Molestation, Athletic Participants, Motor Sports, Rodeo or Equestrian activities, Bungee Jumping, Inverted Aerial Maneuvers.

Hazards and Activities Covered

Hazard Group I

Parties: Birthday, Anniversary, Retirement, etc.

Festivals/Shows: Art, Trade, Craft, Educational, Fashion, Home, Job Fairs, Seminars, Vacation, Antique, Automobile, Choral Competitions, Musicals, Flower Shows

Social Gatherings: Association Meetings, Auctions, Dances (no heavy rock), Debutante balls, Debuts, Graduation Parties (adult attendance), Ladies Club, Lectures, Receptions, Reunions

Hazard Group II

Festivals/Shows: Animal Shows, Boat Shows (dry dock), Boxing Exhibitions, Casino Lounge Shows, Consumer Shows, Cooking Demonstrations, Farm Markets, Fraternal Conventions, Harvest Festivals, Haunted Houses – no mechanical devices, Livestock Shows, Pageants, Parades, Picnics without water exposures, Theatrical Stage, Classican Concerts, Conventions

Social Gatherings: Amusement Devices (not amusement parks), Block Parties, Carnivals (without mechanical rides), County Festivals/Fairs, Political Dinners and/or Receptions (no conventions), Proms, Street Fairs, Wedding Receptions

Music Concerts: Jazz, Blues, Country

Note:  If your risk does not fall within the Program Descriptions, your request will be forwarded to an underwriter to determine what plans are available and you will receive a proposal within 48 hours. Program Descriptions are intended to be a summary of coverages and limits available. It does not include all coverage details and Exclusions. Please refer to the insurance policies for complete details. If there is any conflict between this brochure and the Policy, the Policy will prevail.

Underwritten by: Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company A+ (Superior)

Financial Size Category: XIV ($1.5 Billion to $2 Billion policy holders' surplus)

SMIC / Special Markets Insurance Consultants
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